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I'm moving the Mista Mojo strips to this site.  My main site is  My main site features Newton's Theory.  This site is a secondary site to that.  I'll bounce back and forth between Mista Mojo and 1st Grade Art.  Once I get through the archives of Mista Mojo I'll post the new ones and those of you who followed Mista Mojo will be very pleased with the new direction.   

Remember 1st grade art class?  Before the rules applied?  When closet monsters were real, treasure hunts were Saturday afternoon staples, and fire breathing dinosaurs were right around the corner?  That's this site in a nutshell.  No rules apply. Pirates, ninjas, space monsters, they'll all show up here.  That said I expect class participation.  Email me a story, a childhood memory, a phrase, statement or whatever.  I'll scribble it out and put it up.  Or if you have your own 1st grade art you can email me that and I'll post it as well.  It can either be a stand alone piece or you can continue on one of my stories.

Now, when's recess?  

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